This course is unique in integrating advanced media production practices and future-focused capabilities and technologies with social justice, ethics and sustainable industry practices. Graduates from this course are highly sought after as leaders in a rapidly evolving media landscape.

The course provides students with a deeply creative, innovative, audience-focused, adaptable, entrepreneurial and production-ready skillset that makes them highly desirable practitioners in the current and future media industries. Graduates are highly motivated problem solvers with a sophisticated and nuanced grasp of the knowledge they require for development, production, curation and distribution of traditional and emerging forms of screen content and the ability to seize and create opportunities in the most advanced practices for the industry. By building their learning around vital industry and global issues such as social justice, ethics and sustainability, graduates can become future leaders in the creative and media industries helping to spearhead changes in media technologies, content, distribution and production.

Graduates are creative and cultural producers who can incubate, produce and post-produce for screen, digital and emerging media. Career options include directors, producers, multiplatform storytellers, advertising creatives, festival and digital channel curators and post-production specialists in screen and immersive media. Graduates have the capacity to generate and deliver sophisticated creative media industry prototypes, portfolios and projects.

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Viimati uuendatud May 26, 2019
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jaan 2020
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jaan 2020
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