Master's in Educational Treatment of Diversity


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The Master's program was created in 2007 by four universities. Coordinating university: National University of Distance Education (Madrid, Spain). Participating universities: Charles University in Prague (Prague, Czech Republic), University of Latvia (Riga, Latvia), and Ludwigsburg University of Education (Reutlingen, Germany). The program is students’ workplace orientated. Therefore, the target audience is applicants from Latvia, the European Union, and countries worldwide with bachelor's degree in Social, Human and Natural sciences.
The students’ communication languages are English and Spanish. Knowledge of other languages is welcomed and integrated. Studies are implemented in the e-learning environment, as well as in presence meetings (for students registered at the University of Latvia who cannot come to and stay in Latvia, studies are provided online).The studies provide the following opportunities:

  • to manage one’s own studies pace and place, combining studies with family-life and workplace;
  • to study in an international collaborative learning environment, learning in an interactive way from peers’ experience, and to be up-to-date about the pedagogical issues currently faced in other countries;
  • to use the necessary research materials and information sources in more than two languages;
  • to use the necessary study materials and information in at least two languages;
  • to use ICT in the studies, communicating with others via common forums, Skype and chat rooms for facilitating learning.

ERASMUS MUNDUS scholarships.
ERASMUS + student EXCHANGE mobilities or practicum: Universidad Nacional de Education a Distancia; Universidad Complutense de Madrid; University of Groningen; Ludwigsburg University of Education Reutlingen Campus; Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen.

Program courses

Master’s degree program "Educational Treatment of Diversity” curriculum

Study period and classes time

Classes are organized in the interactive e-study environment. Meetings and consultations with professors are being held on Fridays from 4.00 pm till 9.30 pm.

Career opportunities

The program is students’ workplace orientated, not career oriented. The program provides opportunities to create an interdisciplinary system of knowledge, skills and generic, general, and integrated social-pedagogical, psychological and special pedagogical competences to improve own professional workplace or/and to create new workplaces in the field of educational research on pedagogical treatment of diversity, working as: entrepreneurs; architect; voluntary worker in social projects; college teachers; higher school lectors; in the army; governmental and non-governmental college manager; project manager; special education methodologist; non-government institutions staff – member; camp manager; consulter in educational treatment of diversity; methodological centre managers in area of educational treatment to diversity etc.

Admission requirements

  1. Bachelor’s degree or a diploma proving equivalent level of education from an institution of higher education;
  2. English or Spanish language proficiency.
  3. Entrance examination - as part of the selection procedure applicants will be called to an interview face to face or through Skype. For the interview a Curriculum Vitae must be provided, where information on student’s professional activity and English/Spanish/German language knowledge is included.
    Autumn Intake (
    application start: 1 Jan 2018; studies start in Sept 2018)
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