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University of Groningen MA kliinilises lingvistikas / EMCL+ (uuringud)
University of Groningen

MA kliinilises lingvistikas / EMCL+ (uuringud)

Groningen, Holland

2 Years

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Sep 2024

EUR 4500 / per year **


* Hollandi, EL/EMP ja mitte-EL/EMP üliõpilased

** EL/EMP üliõpilased: 4500 € | mitte-EL/EMP üliõpilased: 9000 €


How is language stored in the brain? What effects can brain damage have on our ability to use language? And why do some children have difficulty learning a language? Find it out in this track.

The two-year international Research Master's track in Clinical Linguistics is part of the prestigious international Erasmus Mundus program in Clinical Linguistics, EMCL++. EMCL++ is an integrated two-year Master's program offered jointly by a consortium of the Universities of Groningen (NL), Ghent (B), and Eastern Finland (FI) and 26 associated partners from the academic, R&D, and clinical sector, finishing with a joint MSc degree from the three institutions. It is a full-time interdisciplinary and transnational university program at the Masters's level, providing integrated training in neurolinguistics, psycholinguistics, and clinical linguistics.

The regular study period is 24 months. It consists of 4 semesters; 2 teaching semesters, the third semester is a combination of a teaching semester and internship, the fourth semester to finish the master's thesis. After finishing this track you will receive a joint degree.

Why study this program in Groningen?

In Groningen, courses focus on neuroimaging, language processing, and developmental and acquired language disorders.

  • Developmental Language Disorders
  • Cross-Linguistic Aspects of Aphasia
  • Language Testing During Awake Surgery
  • Neuro Imaging and Language


The Clinical Linguistics/EMCL track in Groningen, which is offered by the Graduate School for the Humanities, is linked to excellent, multidisciplinary research which is carried out at the Centre for Language and Cognition Groningen (CLCG) and the Groningen Research School for Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience (BCN).



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